Parents blame themselves for infant's kidnapping

Mar 11, 2013, 09:41 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Mother of month-old boy said she had gone to sleep at Dadar station after storming off from home after a fight with her husband, following which a man stole him from her side

Two days have passed but there is no trace of a month-old boy stolen from Dadar railway station. Around 4 am on Saturday, the infant was asleep at the station’s entrance to platform six with his mother and sister, when an unidentified man approached them, lifted the baby and made off with him. Though the entire incident was caught on CCTV cameras installed at the station, no policeman had been monitoring the cameras at the time.

Parveen and Rahul
Parveen and Rahul are heartbroken that their argument ended up in the child's kidnapping

The baby’s parents Rahul and Parveen are blaming themselves for the incident, as they had fought with each the day before, after which Parveen left the house with her two children and went to sleep at the station. They said their son, Salman alias Sallu, had completed one month the day he was kidnapped. He was born on February 9.

The kidnapper loiters about with an eye on the baby, Sallu, sleeping next to Parveen and her daughter

MiD DAY had reported the incident on Sunday (‘Child abducted as police fails to watch CCTV footage’). Rahul and Parveen are residents of a slum near Matunga railway station. Both work as labourers. Said Parveen, “On Friday night, when my husband came back from work, we had a terrible argument. After the fight, I decided to leave home. I packed some clothes, took my three-year-old daughter and my month-old son, and left the house. I took a train to CST but the railway officials did not allow me to sleep there. So I went to Dadar station and slept there with my children.”

He sits next to them, lifts Sallu with an arm and casually plays with him

A while later, when Parveen woke up she discovered that her baby was missing. She said, “At first, I thought my husband had taken my baby. But when I reached home, I saw that he hadn’t.” Said Rahul, “I told her I did not even know where she had gone.” Later, the couple went to the railway police station in Dadar and registered a complaint. The police officials scrutinised the CCTV footage and saw an unknown man abducting the baby when Parveen and her daughter were asleep. They showed it to the parents, who were heartbroken. They told the cops they did not know the kidnapper.

After ensuring that Parveen is asleep, he scampers off with Sallu

The CCTV footage of platform 6 at Dadar station shows that around 6 am on Saturday, a man between 25 and 30 years of age, clad in a white shirt and black pants, approached Parveen, who was asleep with her children. He had been loitering around the place for some time. Then, pretending that he knew Parveen, he sat beside her, and lifted Sallu casually with an arm as if to play with him. He then shook Parveen, and after apparently ensuring that she was asleep, grabbed the baby and hurried away. Parveen said, “That night I was so tired that I did not even awake a single time, which I believe has cost me my son.” 

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