Parents of missing children in Pune take matter in own hands

Apr 12, 2013, 05:39 IST | Vivek Sabnis

Form a group 'Tera Bachcha Mera Bachcha' to push for information on those untraced; with help of social activists, police, software experts, they are looking to update info on missing children and persons in Pune and state

Those distraught with no news about their missing kin came together to form a new group ‘Tera Bachcha Mera Bachcha’ on Sunday. With the help of social activists, police and software experts, the updated information about missing children and persons from the city and also the state, parents and relatives are a tad more confident about getting some news about their dear ones who haven’t been traced even after the FIR has been filed since last two months to three years.

One Aparna Jadhav (15), a Std IX student, went missing two months ago. Her mother, Archana Jadhav, said, “My daughter went to her regular tuition class on February 2, 2013, but has not returned till today. I filed an FIR with the local police and also given advertisements in the local newspapers. However, her whereabouts are not known yet.”

Some of the missing persons whose parents have formed the group

(From Left ) Ajinkya Kirane (16), Aparna Jadhav (15), and Vaibhav Ghegde (30)

Vishal Inamdar, (18) a resident of Keshavnagar in Chinchwad left home on the pretext of going to college on March 13, 2010. There has been no news of him since then. “This is a big shock for our family,” said Vishanath Inamdar, Vishal’s father. “My efforts are to trace my son by using technology like the internet and mobile phones by seeking help from experts in this field,” he said.

Ajinkya Kirane (16) went missing on July 20, 2009, from Narayan Peth. “We are still hopeful of finding him. In fact, I spoke to the news channels that showed Vishal’s photo and information to viewers. The channels willingly interviewed me. By seeking help from experts, we can get our children back,” said Abhay Kirane. Even though the name of the group suggests that it is children-centric, that is not the case. The group also includes relatives of older people who have gone missing and have been untraceable so far. 

Never give up: Relatives of missing children (from left) Archana Jadhav with her younger daughter, Vishwas Inamdar, Dr Dattatrata Ghegde and Abhay Kirane who have joined hands to form the group. Pic/Vivek Sabnis

Vaibhav Ghegde (30) from Somwar Peth, went missing from Shrigonda Taluka village on November 5, 2012. “We checked the missing persons list on website of Maharashtra Police but there is no mention of my son’s name. The list of missing persons should be more comprehensive and anybody from anywhere in the state should be able to update the list on the net,” said Dr Dattatraya Ghegde. My son Vaibhav is mentally retarded and therefore it is difficult to trace him,” he added. Social activist Vinod Jain and Satyasheel Jagdale were instrumental in bringing the group ‘Tera Bachcha Mera Bachcha’ together. Those interested to get details about the group can contact Abhay Kirane on 9850828691. 

Five demands by the group
>> To make the list of missing girls and boys available to observation homes in the city.
>> A separate list of missing senior citizens to be made available at old age homes across the city.
>> Comprehensive list of missing persons of all ages and sexes to be given to beggars’ dwellings in the city.

4,630 People have gone missing from Pune in 2012

2,808 Number of people to have gone missing and later traced from Pune in 2012 

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