Paresh Rawal shakes a leg in his next

Mar 11, 2013, 06:23 IST | Kunal M Shah

Paresh Rawal tries some break dancing moves in his upcoming film

Paresh Rawal might be one of the finest actors in Bollywood today but he is also known for having two left feet. Anyway, he will now be seen doing break dance in Sajid Khan’s upcoming flick Himmatwala.

Paresh Rawal

A source from the sets says, “Pareshbhai was asked to try break dancing and it was a shock to him. He’s not very comfortable grooving to music. Thankfully for him, the comic scene was done sportingly.”

Sajid says the humourous touch made things easier. “I wanted him to do something which he has not done before. So when I asked Pareshbhai to do a break dance, he started laughing but later agreed to do it. There were no rehearsals because he wanted this particular scene to be very spontaneous.” 

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