Paris Jackson 'rejected' by rehab facility

Jul 04, 2013, 02:59 IST | ANI

Paris Jackson's request to be transferred from UCLA Medical Center to a rehab facility in Utah has been denied as the rehab center fears an onslaught of paparazzi.

Sources told that the doctors at the hospital want more professional care for Paris as they feel that she is still in a serious danger and can harm herself.

Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson. Pic/Santa Banta

Sources have also revealed that Paris’ biological mom, Debbie Rowe, has researched about adolescent facilities around the country and found one in Utah that would be perfect but the centre is not ready to accept her.

The insiders explained that the rehab centre fears that photographers would go crazy for clicking pictures of not only Paris but also of the other patients at the facility.

People connected with Paris are still trying to contact the facility and asking for reconsideration.  

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