Parsi food, now at your doorstep

Updated: Apr 20, 2015, 08:34 IST | Anu Prabhakar

Catering service the Bawi Bride Kitchen, which serves Parsi food, will launch its delivery services next month. sunday mid-day samples a meal, which comprises old Parsi favourites including Sali per eedu

Perzen Patel, Chief Tasting Officer of the Bawi Bride Kitchen, the catering service which aims to make ‘Parsi food easily available’ to all, is all set to launch the venture’s food delivery service, titled Bhonu by Bawi Bride. The service, says Patel, will be launched on May 1.

Perzin Patel, founder of Bawi Bride
Perzin Patel, founder of Bawi Bride

The meals are carefully planned out throughout the month, to include a variety of dishes such as Chicken Ras Chawal, Chicken Vindaloo, Prawn Pulao and Fish Moilee among many others. There are four different packages — Ravenous (Rs 11,600 per month, R2000 per week), Starving (Rs 9,800 per month, Rs 1,750 per week), Very Hungry (Rs 8,000 per month, Rs 1,500 per week) and Hungry (Rs 5,250 per month, Rs 1,000 per week). The weekly meals are available from Monday to Friday and the prices exclude delivery charges.

(Clockwise from left) Green Mutton Curry, Sali Par Eddu, Plain Rice, Potato Cheese Cutlet, pav and fruits. pic/Romita Chakroborty
(Clockwise from left) Green Mutton Curry, Sali Par Eddu, Plain Rice, Potato Cheese Cutlet, pav and fruits. pic/Romita Chakroborty

We order a ‘Ravenous’ meal, which includes steamed white rice, two pieces of pav, Green mutton curry, Sali per eedu, Potato cheese cutlets and a small bowl of cut apples, bananas and oranges.

Green mutton curry: Main ingredients include coriander, coconut, jeera, green chillies and haldi among others. The meat is cooked with the curry masala in the cooker, to spread the flavour and taste of mutton to the entire curry. While the carnivore in our team finds the meat a tad too chewy for her taste, we like the flavoursome gravy. The dominant taste of ingredients such as dhana jeera and the meat preside over everything else, making this dish a favourite.

Sali per eedu: Made with pureed tomatoes, turmeric, red chilli powder, coriander, cumin powder, garam masala, salli and eggs, we like the Sali per eedu. Sure, we have had a fancier versions of this classic Parsi dish in the past, but we like the dish’s simple, no-frills version – exactly what we would like to have on a more daily basis. Some of us felt the potato sticks could have been crispier, but still, we like this traditional Parsi dish.

Potato cheese cutlets: We, unanimously, agree that the cutlets are a tad too salty for our taste. The cutlets are stuffed with cheese and other ingredients such as mashed potato, cooked with dhana jeera powder, salt and pepper and garam masala. We love the cutlets when we combine it with the steamed rice, but if only salt wasn’t so liberally sprinkled.

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