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Sep 16, 2011, 10:55 IST | Piali Dasgupta

If that's not cool, we don't know what is. And someone lives that life. Meet Anjana Thomas who organises parties in the city

If that's not cool, we don't know what is. And someone lives that life. Meet Anjana Thomas who organises parties in the city

It all started with her son's first birthday party where she invited 40 guests. The party was a hit lending 30-year-old Anjana Thomas a brainwave that gave her professional life a brilliant turning point.

"'Why don't you do it for our kids?' asked all the mothers. By then I had already decided I wanted to do organise parties as it's something I really enjoyed," says Anjana who used to run a home store called Contemporary Arts and Crafts in Victoria Layout before starting  a party organising venture called Whole Nine Yards.

Under the Sea Invites designed by Whole Nine Yards

While there are many event managers and party organisers in the city, Anjana offers a complete solution to parties, specially children's parties. 

"We cover everything from invites, decor, packaging, food, rentals and activities so that the parents can have a good time. That's why it's called Whole Nine Yards," says Anjana who's been organising parties for a year and a half now in Bangalore and Bombay.

There's always a theme to begin with, and she takes two weeks to execute it. "I personally prefer the more traditional themes. For instance, we did a Tiffany and Co theme party for a baby shower. It was a sit-down lunch for 30 women.
The Tiffany blue with other Tiffany elements like the flowers coming out of Tiffany boxes were part of it. We have also done a Paris chic themed party with a montage consisting of the Eiffel Tower, a poodle and pearls," she reveals.

Little girls are still fond of fairy tales and, mystical characters like mermaids, says Anjana. "We did a mermaid theme party where we created an under-the-sea experience with wave effects overhead and shells. Children above five know what they want for their party.

They have a fun imagination. Boys, for example, want themes like super heroes, cars and trains," smiles Anjana. According to her, the most favoured spots for parties in the city are five star hotels and lawns of bungalows. And most of the party props used to decorate these spaces are made by Anjana and her small team.
"But we are quite limited in choices as far as resources for parties go. For instance, we don't get styrofoam in India along with certain kinds of papers that are widely available abroad," states Anjana. Everything in her surroundings inspire her. "Even window displays, for that matter," she quips.

For adults, the themes are usually colour driven. "Our decor is different from what you usually see. There's a lot of personalisation involved. 

We even customise food and water bottle labels and napkin rings. Usually an idea is born in the parent's mind and they trust us completely.
With every party, I learn something new," she maintains. And the biggest lesson so far? "That you are celebrating the child more than the event, no matter how extravagant it is," she says. 

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