Parvez Tak confesses to killing Laila and family

Jul 09, 2012, 07:01 IST | Shiva Devnath

In his tell-all to Mumbai police, prime accused Tak stated that he and his associate first killed Saleena Patel � Laila's mother � and then the rest of the family, over her decision to give the power of attorney of her property to her second husband

Parvez Tak, who is accused of murdering six members of starlet Laila Khan’s family, has confessed that he and his friend killed them by pummelling them with sticks and rods, and then buried them in the vicinity of their Igatpuri farmhouse.

Beaten to death: Laila Khan had settled on moving to the Gulf state, with her family, to solemnise her marriage with Sonu alias Vafi Khan, who is the son of close Dawood aide Kamal Jadhwani 

Mumbai police who recorded the confession while in Jammu & Kashmir, brought Tak back to the city last night, and will produce him in court today.

Tak in his confession has given chilling details of the killings. According to the police, Tak and his friend Shakir Hussein, both residents of Nali Bhunzwah, Kishtwar District, J&K, murdered all six family members a few days before the victims had decided to leave for Dubai. Laila Khan had settled on moving to the Gulf state, with her family, to solemnise her marriage with Sonu alias Vafi Khan, who is the son of close Dawood aide Kamal Jadhwani.

According to Tak’s confession, Laila’s mother Saleena’s decision to make her second husband Asif Shaikh the in-charge of her property in Mumbai before they left for Dubai had made him feel insulted and angry. After hearing her choice, he got into a heated argument with Saleena, which ultimately led to the killing of Laila and five of her family members.

According to a source, Tak — who is the third husband of Saleena — was riled at the fact that his wife gave the power of attorney to her second husband.

After confronting her at the farmhouse, he got into a verbal spat with Saleena over the issue. As the quarrel got heated, Tak allegedly pushed his wife due to which she sustained a grievous head injury. When family members rushed to her aid, they saw her lying in a pool of blood, and assumed that Saleena was dead. They started wailing and in a fit of anger attacked Tak, and started beating him up. Hearing the loud noises, Tak’s friend Hussein, who was working as a watchman at the Igatpuri farmhouse, rushed to his help. Soon they joined forces, and beat all the family members to death with sticks and rods.

Sources added that after killing them, the accused carried the bodies to a vehicle, drove a few metres in the surrounding forest area, and buried them. All the corpses were dumped into a single grave, which was dug by Tak and Hussein, along with their jewellery.

After burying them the duo drove to Jammu in the same vehicle.

Sources added that Tak was introduced to Saleena at a function in Mumbai that was organised by an NGO. They exchanged mobile numbers, and soon started keeping in touch. Saleena invited Tak to Mumbai, who wasted no time in getting here.

After receiving Tak at the railway station, Saleena took him to her residence and after staying together for a few months, she proposed marriage, which he accepted. After the alliance, Tak began to oversee all family matters. So the decision to give importance to Asif may not have gone down well with him.

Kishtwar cops investigated the entire case, and stated that their counterparts in Maharashtra have only to find the bodies from the spot disclosed by Tak during questioning.

A few officers from Mumbai police will now leave for Igatpuri to locate the corpses.

Kishtwar police have already mobilised men and machinery to arrest Shakir who went underground soon after he was released from detention. According to J&K cops, they are confident that Shakir will soon be behind bars and will be handed over to Mumbai police They have given a clean chit to Asif and Afgan Khan, stating that the duo played no role in killing the actress and her family and that all the prior claims made by Tak were false. He only confessed to his crime three days ago.  

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