Passenger fined for entering Mumbai airport with cancelled ticket

Apr 08, 2016, 08:50 IST | Neha LM Tripathi

The man wanted to see off his family and admitted to the airline staff that he had entered on a cancelled ticket; he was let off after being fined for trespassing

A passenger managed to enter the airport with a cancelled ticket on Thursday morning. Surya Narayan Reddy Danda entered terminal 1 B on the cancelled ticket of flight 6E 366 to Vishakhapatnam via Hyderabad, to see his family off.

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Surya Narayan Reddy
Surya Narayan Reddy

He and his family were in Mumbai for the treatment of his son and were returning to Vishakhapatnam. However, Reddy had to cancel his ticket and stay back. Reddy, who had come to drop them, reached the check in counter of IndiGo at the terminal at Santacruz.

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Reddy, an engineer, had come to the city for the treatment of his son who is suffering from polio. His son was to be discharged on Thursday, but it was delayed by a day, due to which Reddy cancelled two tickets on Wednesday night. According to airport police, Reddy was not aware that he was not allowed to go up to the check in area.

“The IndiGo staff saw the passenger had reached their counter with a cancelled ticket. They immediately informed the local police and Reddy was brought to us at around 8 am,” said an official from the airport police station.

“The passenger himself told staff that he had a cancelled ticket, to which our staff questioned him on his presence inside the terminal. He looked confused. It was then that we decided to hand over him to the police,” said an airline official. He added, “The flight takes off at 9.50 am and three members from his family checked in at around 7.50 am.”

“All his documents were verified and it was learnt that Reddy was genuine in his claims, hence we fined him for trespassing and after paying R5,000 he was let off. He is scheduled to fly with his son on Friday,” said the police official.

Another such incident
On June 3, 2015, Jogeshwari resident Shashwat Kumar (22) forged an e-ticket to escort a friend till the check-in area of the domestic airport, but was nabbed by an alert airline official when he tried to leave the terminal. mid-day had reported this (Man forges e-ticket to escort friend, nabbed at exit, June 5). Kumar entered departure gate No 1 using the forged ticket and a PAN card as ID proof. But, he was nabbed when he was trying to exit.

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