Passing the test of nerves

Mar 18, 2013, 00:57 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

Exam season is upon the city's student fraternity as the HSC and SSC examinations are on.

Exam season is upon the city’s student fraternity as the HSC and SSC examinations are on. Predictably and depressingly, there have been a slew of controversies leading up to and during the exams. With the sceptre of strikes and the menace of teachers refusing to correct papers, and some confusion about exam dates, students find themselves sorely tested once again in these, the most stressful of times.

Whenever exam season comes around, counselling hotlines ring off the hook with anxious youngsters talking to counselors about their fears and problems which seem to peak around this time. Post exams and during results time, one hears reports of a spike in suicides as depressed students decide to end their lives. Sometimes it is the fact that the results have not lived up to their expectation, or they are scared to face their family.

While one must stress that preparation for an exam is all-important, it is also crucial that students not go to extremes like taking their lives over academic disappointments. Recently, this paper ran a report on a differently-abled boy who is writing his HSC exam with his feet. In another instance, Prema Jayakumar, daughter of an auto driver actually defied all odds and adversity to top the CA examination. In both instances, young persons have risen above their handicaps — in the first instance, physical and in the second, financial — to show tremendous grit and determination to overcome drawbacks. There are surely many more like them who have shown tremendous character and courage

This generation which seems so emotionally fragile, needs to take heart from the sterling examples who are not the celebrities and usual poster boys and girls but are in fact, all around them in the biggest exam that is life. 

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