Path-breaking hip replacement surgery at KEM

Sep 22, 2012, 14:03 IST | Vinod Kumar Menon

This was one of the most complicated revision hip joint replacement surgeries that will be done at KEM hospital on Saturday morning, and viewed live by doctors over 50 centers across India

The surgery, took over four hours, started at 9 am and lasted till 2 pm, was conducted by Professor Dr Allan Gross, specially invited from Toronto, Canada for conducting this complicated surgery and Dr Pradeep Bhonsale, Joint Replacement Specialist and Head of the Department Orthopedic KEM Hospital.

Mumbai news, KEM Hospital, Hip-replacement surgery

The cost of the surgery and implant, which is estimated to be over Rs 2 lakhs has been waived off for the patient who has been identified as Santosh Shinde (34) a resident of Tunga village, Powai.

Surprisingly, Shinde is suffering from Ankylosing spondylitis, a type of chronic arthritis of the spine and the sacroiliac joints (in the pelvis). However his case become a bit complicated as he underwent a hip replacement surgery at a private hospital in Sakinaka in 2009 and post the surgery he developed complications wherein the Ashtabular cup (Protrusio Acetabuli) ruptured the bony wall and lodged itself close to his pelvic organs, if not treated soon it can cause serious complications including threat to life, explained Dr Anil Patil, Registrar at the unit headed by Dr Bhonsale.

Mumbai news, KEM Hospital, Hip-replacement surgery

Santosh Shinde

Admitted on the 11th floor orthopedic ward, Shinde spoke to MiDDAY hours before the surgery and sounded anxious about getting operated for the second time. A father of two children, Shinde, who runs a tailoring shop developed problem in walking since 2007, over two years of visits to various orthopedic surgeons and subsequent advice of undergoing a hip replacement surgery made him undergo a surgery in December 2009, at a private hospital in Sakinaka, by shelling out Rs 4 lakhs for both hips.

However, Shinde claims that within six months of the surgery, he developed pain again and was finding it difficult to walk. An x-ray done again of the leg put the Shinde family in shock, the artificial cup used for the surgery had penetrated into the pelvis area and doctors advised another surgery and since then he was on pain killers and was finding it very difficult to move over the period of time.

It was only in the first week of September 2012 that Shinde visited the OPD at KEM hospital and met Dr Bhonsale, who advised him to get admitted in the hospital, as his condition was very bad.

However upon his stay at KEM the doctors found out that even his younger brother Vikas Shinde (32), have also started showing similar arthritis problem for a very long time. The surgeons found out that brothers were suffering from rare genetic disorder called Ankylosing spondylitis, which is caused due to genetic mutation (Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) B27 gene) where in the chances of more than one sibling in the family may have such a problem.

Dr Bhonsale added, “This is one of the most complicated revision hip joint replacement surgery, as the cup has migrated in the pelvis area of the patient, it will be corrected and surgeon from Canada Professor Dr Allan Gross who has been specially invited will conducted the surgery live on camera and it will viewed at various hospitals across India. The surgery will be a live interactive session.”

Also post surgery, Dr Allan will present various other case studies for the experts.

Sahebrao Shinde (60), the father turned emotional and could not control his tears. “I am worried about my son’s future, but I am thankful to KEM doctors that they have agreed to waive off the entire implant and surgery cost. I am told that a doctor from Canada will conduct the surgery on my son, I am grateful to them.”

Expressing his delight over the event Dr Allan Gross, Professor, University of Toronto, Canada said, “I feel privileged to be part of such an innovative and successful event and sharing platform with such talented medical professionals from India. It’s been an honour sharing my knowledge and experience with my colleagues across the length and breadth of this great country. Indian medical system today is at par with standards and facilities anywhere in the world and participating in this event have been a great learning experience for me as well.” 

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