Path connecting Sectors 1 & 6 to get a makeover

Jun 13, 2013, 00:21 IST | Nigel Buthello

Many residents choose not to take the shorter route through the Navi Mumbai Sports Association ground in Vashi as it is in a bad state and has no lighting

Residents of Vashi’s Sector 1 and Sector 6 always walk around the huge Navi Mumbai Sports Association (NMSA) ground to get to the other side, as the path that passes through the ground and connects both sides is in a bad state.

A new way: The 500-metre stretch connects Sector 1 to Sector 6 with a straight path that passes between the NMSA ground. This path will now be developed, as it reduces the travel time between the sectors down to five minutes

However, to the delight of the residents, all this is now changing, thanks to a revamp of this path, which is under way. The redevelopment of the path began around 15 days ago. Vaibhav Gaikwad, corporator of Sectors 3, 4 and 5, has taken up the responsibility.

The 500-metre stretch connects Sector 1 to Sector 6 with a straight path that passes between the NMSA grounds. This constructed path which shortens the distance between the sectors and reduces the time taken to go to the other side to five minutes from the earlier 10. 

“This path was always open to the public. It’s just that the sides of the path were generally covered with dry leaves and there wasn’t enough lighting. People hardly ever took the path for leisure walks.

It was only used as a faster means to get to the other side. However, now the path looks much cleaner and is a much better way to walk by,” said a resident of Sector 6.

The beautification process also involves planting trees and a grass cover on the sides of the path. Lamp posts will also be placed to provide enough light. Ashish Baldev, a resident near the park, said, “Initially the park was badly maintained.

However, Gaikwad has put in a lot of effort and made a major change in the way it looks. Walking through this path saves a few minutes, but walking through all this greenery does have a better feeling than walking through the road where there is considerable traffic.”

To prevent waterlogging and possible stagnation along the sides of the path, the ground is being levelled, and a drainage path has been made at the side that will connect directly with the main drainage pipeline. 

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