Patience is a virtue: Sharman Joshi

Jun 05, 2013, 00:04 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

Whether it was as Sukhi in Rang De Basanti or Raju Rastogi in 3 Idiots, actor Sharman Joshi's earnest performances have wowed critics and audiences alike.

When asked if he misses having two- three releases in a year, Sharman says, "Unfortunately, patience is a must have virtue is Bollywood. I don't lack in patience as my seniors and elders have drilled in this virtue in me. I hope to have a couple of releases this year, and things will get better from next year." In a free-wheeling conversation, the actor talks with CS about films, kids and his laidback attitude:

Sharman Joshi
Who: Sharman Joshi 
What: Talking about films and his children 
PIC/ Datta Kumbhar

Story comes first
Honestly, I feel I am quite aggressive career wise. I am furiously looking at scripts. In fact, you will find me in a script reading session with a writer or director almost every day. I am also developing scripts along with my writer friends. While I agree that a big banner film has an advantage in terms of budget and marketing, I won't compromise on the story or my role. I should be convinced about the director/story at the first sitting itself. The scale of a production doesn't matter to me. We are seeing smaller films score at the box office. It is all about the final product.

No romancing around!
Yes, it is true that I haven't romanced any heroine for quite some time, but that's not because I don't like the genre. Unfortunately, the films that
I have done in that space have not worked well. So, people don't remember them like they remember Rang De Basanti or 3 Idiots. But I love that space and hope to act in a beautiful love story some day. If things work out well, I will be doing a romantic film soon.

Donning the producer's hat
I don't have the talent for writing or else I would have developed more scripts for myself (laughs out loud). I might become a producer, but that will happen only after a minimum of 10 years. I need some money before trying my hand in production, so I am working towards improving my box office position.

Kiddie connect
I love spending my free time with my three children. They are the perfect antidote to all the stress. Now, their holidays are on and they are proving to be quite a handful. We have to pack them off for some class or the other, in order for my wife and I to have some free time for ourselves. I love spending time with my family. Being seen at parties is something I have always avoided, and I am comfortable that way. 

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