Pattinson leery of making 'Twilight' promotional appearance with ex Stewart

Sep 03, 2012, 07:50 IST | ANI

Robert Pattinson is doubtful of making the 'Twilight' promotional appearance with his co-star and former girlfriend Kristen Stewart, according to sources.

The only people who want Stewart and Pattinson back together more than ‘Twilight’ fans are the studio executives planning the ‘Breaking Dawn, Part 2’ promo tour.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Insiders working on the final film in the ‘Twilight’ series, which is set to be released in November, said that Summit Entertainment is “freaking out” because they are unable to get Pattinson to lock in personal appearance dates to promote the flick in Madrid, Tokyo and London, despite pleading with him to do so.

For the first three ‘Twilight’ films, Pattinson has traveled with co-stars Taylor Lautner and now-ex-girlfriend Stewart. The 26-year-old British actor is unwilling to commit to tour dates “because of the Kristen drama.”

“Taylor, Kristen and Rob always fly together,” New York Daily News quoted the insider as saying, adding that if Pattinson isn’t willing to bite the bullet and do the dates with Kristen — who has repeatedly expressed interest in reuniting with her ex-boyfriend — the studio will “have to spend a lot more money on jets and other expenses” to accommodate their breakup.

“This is really last minute,” the insider said, stating tour dates “start about a month out” from the release of the flick. In the meantime, Summit execs are keeping their fingers crossed.

“Apparently, [Kristen and Rob] have been talking again,” the source said, so the studio “is holding out hope that they’ll do the tour dates together.”  “They’re prepared for the fact that Rob might not want to, since he hasn’t committed to anything yet,” the insider said. 

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