Paul Gascoigne joked with docs on verge of death

Mar 27, 2013, 07:42 IST | ANI

Paul Gascoigne has revealed that he was cracking jokes with his doctors, while he was on the brink of death due to his alcohol problem.

When the former footie ace was asked on ITV’s ‘Daybreak,’ on how he felt about himself, he jokingly said, “I love him, he’s beautiful – I just have to get my tooth fixed.”

Paul Gascoigne
Paul Gascoigne. Pic/AFP

The 45-year-old former sportsperson described his latest and most alarming brush with death as “horrific.”

Gascoigne revealed that even at his lowest point – when even the detox centre rushed him to hospital and he heard a doctor say that he didn’t think that he would make it – he still managed to make light of the crisis, the Daily Express reported.

Gascoigne raised his head slightly and, with “tubes in my arms and body,” joked about his plants.  He said that the plants were more important than him but they passed away and he survived.

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