Pay four times to park at Pune Cantonment Board

Jul 07, 2014, 02:38 IST | Anuj Ismail

If the revised parking rates come into force, two wheeler parking in Pune Cantonment Board will be increased from R10 to R40 for a day while four-wheelers will have to pay Rs 60 instead of the current fare of Rs 20

Those parking their vehicles in Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) area, also known as Pune Camp, will soon have to shell out four times the current parking charges from next month.

PAY UP: The fare hike is likely to be implemented in the first week of August. Represention Pic

The PCB administration decided to quadruple the pay-and-park fares in a general body meeting held recently. The fare hike is likely to be implemented in the first week of August.

K V Nagireddy, CEO of PCB said, “The rates of parking have to be revised, therefore we have rolled out a tender for the same. We have given 30 days time to our tender branch for the completion of the process. The new rates will be with effect from the first week of August this year.”

This news has disturbed the residents of the area. They have demanded that the PCB withdraw its decision, as they will have to shell out four times the parking amount per day. They are also insisting for better parking infrastructure and multilevel parking spots in the area.

BJP Camp wing president and resident of the area, Sashidhar Puram, said, “On behalf of the residents, we have written a letter to the PCB asking them to roll back their decision, as this will greatly inconvenience the residents. PCB should first provide better infrastructure for parking and then hike the fares. If the PCB administration fails to do this, residents will protest.”

Gurbir Singh, resident of MG Road, said, “There is no point in increasing the parking rates when the contractors are already overcharging citizens. Private contractors are charging R1 extra for two-wheelers and R2 extra from four-wheelers. The board should establish a proper system in place and should also conduct surprise checks to stop such illegal activities.”

Paying Games

Old rates
Two-wheeler: Rs 4 (for first four hours) and R10 for day-long parking
Four-wheeler: Rs 10 (for first four hours) and R20 for the day-long parking

New rates
Two-wheeler: Rs 16 (for first four hours) and R40 for day-long parking.
Four-wheeler: Rs 40 (for first four hours) and R60 for day-long parking.

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