12 pc Indian men enjoy role-playing in bedroom

May 22, 2012, 05:38 IST | ANI

Indian men and women have both slept with six partners on average, a new survey has revealed

According to the shocking statistics, revealed in survey with a major condom brand, one in four Indian men admit to having an affair while 12 percent enjoy role-playing in the bedroom, a major newspaper reported.

As compared to India, Australian men have slept with 24 partners on average while women have typically had 11 partners, and Chinese men and women have slept with five partners.

The survey also found that just half of all young people in the UK used a condom when they lost their virginity, which are some of the lowest rates in the world, a new survey has revealed.

While young people in the US (40 percent and France (35 percnt were less likely to use a condom, while those in Greece (66 percent), Thailand (65 percent) and South Korea (65 percent) were more diligent.

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