33pc married people find sex 'a chore'

Sep 27, 2012, 14:15 IST | ANI

One in three married British find sex 'a chore' because they are too tired, stressed and don't feel attractive, a study has revealed

Sheer fatigue, stress at work and a general lack of satisfaction in the bedroom have emerged as some of the main reasons why for many being intimate with their spouse is now well down the list of priorities.

Sex and relationships, 33pc married people find sex 'a chore'

Worryingly, one in four went so far as to say sex was “boring” and one in seven “would rather read a book.”

A lack of attraction towards their partner and over-familiarity also ranked highly for killing the romance.

The study of 200 adults, commissoned by a health and well-being mutual organisation, found the average couple has sex just five times a month, the Daily Mail reported.

The results of the study revealed a resigned one in ten of those polled said they just “don’t click” with their partner in that way any more.

And, sadly, one in 20 confessed they just don’t think they love their partner enough.

Meanwhile, a fifth have faked an illness rather than face getting intimate in the bedroom.

Lawrence Christensen, spokesman for Benenden Healthcare Society, which commissioned the study, said: “The strain of modern life is forcing married Brits to put their romantic lives on hold.”

“Sadly, it appears that the statistics confirm the stereotype of sex lives taking a downward plunge within marriage - with it becoming a chore for a third of married Brits.

“Married couples are finding that their priorities are elsewhere and this is down to a variety of reasons, but the important point is that this is causing worry and impacting on mental well-being,” Christensen said.

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