40 pc people would have sex with friends' partners: Survey

Apr 19, 2012, 10:17 IST | ANI

Four out of ten have said that they would have sex with a friend's partner if they had the opportunity, the survey revealed

These findings were part of early results from Australia's bi-annual Great Australian Sex Census which probed the sex lives of more than 9000 people. The Australian Sex Party claims that has made it one of the largest polls in the nation.

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But sex is not everything and two-thirds of Australians said they remain with their current partner for love even though their sex life is unsatisfactory.

Almost one in 10 women wants to feature in a porno, 5 per cent of men admitted they fantasise about having sex with a transvestite, and 56 per cent are turned off by fake breasts.

Victorians are the most desperate to have sex with a celebrity and almost half are unsatisfied with their real sex life, the Herald Sun reported.

Top of the Victorian sex bucket list is being part of a threesome and partaking in an orgy.

ACT residents prefer the missionary position, South Australians are the nation’s most sexually satisfied people and West Australians are most unlikely to forgive cheaters.

Meanwhile, Tasmanians admitted they don’t know what the ‘Jackhammer’ or ‘Spitroast’ positions are and 44 per cent are unsatisfied with their sex life.

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