26 pc women admit to faking orgasms every time they have sex

Jul 30, 2012, 11:25 IST | ANI

Over a quarter of women fake orgasm every time they have sex, a new study has revealed

A men's lifestyle website's Great Male Survey 2012 polled 50,000 people from across the U.S., the UK and Australia, to arrive at the figures.

Sex and relationships, 26 pc women admit to faking orgasms every time they have sex

30 percent of women surveyed said that they never have to fake it. And over a third of men admitted to having faked a climax at least once.

In fact, 40 percent of men said they were only “somewhat satisfied” with their sex lives but there was “room for improvement”, and 22 percent admitted: “I have no sex life”, a major newspaper reported.

Twenty-five per cent of women admitted that they were also “not at all satisfied, because of the quality of sex”, with 27 percent admitting to “no sex life”.

The survey results went beyond sex to reveal some interesting attitudes towards relationships.

Weight gain turned out to be a major issue. While 67 percent of women said that they would remain with their boyfriend if he became fatter, over half of men ruthlessly admitted they would not stay with their girlfriends if they piled on pounds.

Contrary to popular belief, it found that only 44 percent of women believed in marriage, compared with 70 percent of men.

Demonstrating further female cynicism, a third of women admitted to secretly reading their boyfriend’s emails or text messages as a means of ‘checking up’ on their man.

Women also have little trust when it comes to birth control. Though 73 percent of men polled said that they would not hesitate to take a male pill if it existed, just over half of women would actually trust a man to remember to take it.

Sex and relationships, Emma Stone

Sex and relationships, Kate Upton

Over half of men confessed to have lied about their number of sexual partners.

And if they could choose a celebrity their current girlfriend could ‘be more like’, the majority of men chose Spider-Man star Emma Stone, with just 20 percent suggesting model-actress Kate Upton (pictured above).

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