Pedal around the city

Sep 20, 2013, 06:10 IST | The Guide Team

Sign up for Odati Adventure's bicycle trip that will offer a glimpse of milestones across Mumbai

Head for a bicycle trip across Mumbai on a lazy Sunday whereby you can admire some of the prominent landmarks. The tour will include stops at Flora Fountain and Victoria Terminus, along with explanations on the site’s historical significance.

The trip will take you across Mumbai’s landmarks

You will come to know about the Gothic-style architecture of Victoria Terminus; how it took 10 years to build; and resembles St Pancras Station in London. St Thomas Church at Horniman’s Circle, which was the first church to be built in the city, will also figure as one of the stops.

Since the trip will be on a Sunday, you will be able to skip the traffic and bustle. The trip will include a hearty breakfast at a corner joint.

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