Penis Museum to induct man with the world's largest member

May 04, 2014, 11:10 IST | Agencies

Jonah Adam Falcon, owner of world's longest penis to become 'most outstanding member' of Penis Museum

Washington: Jonah Adam Falcon, who has the longest penis known to the world at 13.5 inches, is set to become the most outstanding member of the Icelandic Phallological Museum, commonly known as the Penis Museum.

Forty-three-year-old Falcon said that he was flattered by the invitation, as he appreciated the museum’s devotion
to science.

From gigantic whale penises to speck-sized field mouse testicles and lampshades made from bull scrotums, Iceland’s Phallological Museum has it all. Pic/AFP

Falcon said that it would be an honour to have his manhood put on display, hopefully nestled between the sexual appendages of a sperm whale and a polar bear.

Jonah Adam Falcon has the longest penis in the world at 13.5 inches

Sigurdur Hjartarson, the museum’s founder, asserted that the museum was a perfect place to exhibit and preserve Falcon’s sex organ.

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