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Jun 30, 2014, 06:01 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

Only a few weeks ago, his cousin and Bollywood colleague, Sonam Kapoor, had chosen to bring in her 30th birthday at this mid-city hotel's penthouse nightclub

Only a few weeks ago, his cousin and Bollywood colleague, Sonam Kapoor, had chosen to bring in her 30th birthday at this mid-city hotel's penthouse nightclub.

And now we learn that Arjun Kapoor chose a private suite in the same hotel to bring in his high-profile bash last week, which saw the likes of Ranbir-Kat, Deepika, Ranveer, etc. attend.

“It’s called the Zenith suite and it’s the newest and most exclusive place for small parties,” says a source. “With its floor-to-ceiling glass windows, it affords guests an unparalleled view,” we were told.

Arjun Kapoor Sonam Kapoor 
Arjun Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor and Malaika Arora Khan

Interestingly, what this party proved is the fact that age barriers have been broken down quite irrevocably in Bollywood these days, with the likes of the twenty-somethings Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan partying with the forties brigade (Malaika Arora, Kaajal Anand, Karan Johar) quite happily!

Bollywood Superstar from New York
Her father Patrick Moynihan, the late senator for New York and America’s ambassador to the UN and India, more or less heralded the importance of the Indian middle-class when he famously said that India’s middle-class was the size of the population of France, many years ago.

Shah Rukh Khan Patrick Moynihan Maura Moynihan
Shah Rukh Khan, Patrick Moynihan and Maura Moynihan

And now, with the release of his daughter, the New York-based singer-songwriter and novelist, Maura’s new novel and pop album ‘Bollywood Superstar’ (based on Shah Rukh Khan), the spotlight will shine even brighter on sub-continental glam.Maura, who is more fun than a busload of monkeys and went to Harvard with the Kennedy kids, moves in the upper echelons of NYC’s art and culture circles.

A product of Delhi’s American school when her father was Ambassador to India, she has an abiding love for India and all things Indian, and speaks fluent Hindi and Urdu (and a bit of Tibetan, too). So, when we received a message from her to say she’d be visiting our neck of the woods, we looked forward to some days of intense and madcap fun. Would she manage to meet SRK, the subject of her latest creative endeavour? And more likely, would he recover? Watch this space!

Love finally?
So, which leading and feisty Delhi-based TV actor appears to have finally fallen in love and appears to be, well ...loving it? Pictures of her road trip across America taken by her alleged paramour have been appearing on her social networking site, to the delight of all her friends. “Thank God, she’s chilling and appears to be finally out of that bunker,” as one of them said.

Great Food and Wine Pairing
It’s something of a marriage that was waiting to happen. Goa’s pre-eminent eatery La Plage and Nashik’s pre-eminent vineyard Sula have joined forces to announce a melding of food and wine last week that can only come as a benediction for foodies of the region.

Rajeev Samant
Rajeev Samant

Called Soleil, this brainchild of restaurateurs Serge, Morgan and Florence, the ménage a trois behind what is easily one of Goa’s finest eateries, and Sula’s founder-owner bon vivant Rajeev Samant promises a farm-to-table experience with all veggies grown at the Sula vineyard. What’s more, wine pairing will never be an issue for guests with Sula’s finest, amongst others, on offer. One more reason to get out of Mumbai and head for the hills!

Original and edgy
There were hats in the air and congratulations all around when noted gallerist Abhay Maskara and writer, anthropologist Sonia Nazareth announced their engagement last week, with an edgy original card that epitomised their union.

Abhay Maskara and Sonia Nazareth
Abhay Maskara and Sonia Nazareth

Depicted in shadows and covered in red ink, the couple were featured hanging like marionettes from two slender ropes. ‘Dear friends,’ it read, ‘On Monday, June 23 Sonia Nazareth and I exchanged engagement rings in the presence of both our families.

The celebration took place at the gallery where Sonia and I met six years ago…’ And for our money, it is perhaps the only announcement that matches in originality with the one sent out by the famous live-in couple of the sixties, Kabir Bedi and Protima Gupta, which had created such a stir with its arrival.

Printed on orange handmade Chimanlal paper, it read, “We got engaged, there were no flowers, no fire and no damn dowry,” or words to that effect. The Nazareth-Maskara engagement announcement is certainly as outstanding.

Flowers on her neck
Perhaps she’d internalised the, ‘put some flowers in your hair’ message in the song about ‘going to San Francisco’; or perhaps the lure of getting inked by celebrated Japanese artist Kenji Alucky of Black Ink Power was too hard to resist for hair stylist, actor, activist and performance artist Sapna Moti Bhavnani, but her friends and fans were delighted to see that her trip to Frisco has resulted in what looks like a virtual garden of paradise on her neck and shoulders. Alucky’s unique style sets him apart from other masters of tattoo, as his creations are made up entirely of black ink dots, forming a kaleidoscope of patterns.

Sapna Moti Bhavnani, inked by Japanese artist Kenji Alucky 
Sapna Moti Bhavnani, inked by Japanese artist Kenji Alucky

Bhavnani, who already has some pretty impressive tattoos on her arms and legs, is as much known for her in-your-face chutzpah (she even stood up to Salman Khan when she’d been a participant in Bigg Boss) as she is for her astonishingly creative personal art. ‘San Francisco Day 2’. “She’d hinted nonchalantly about her imminent tattoo. ‘This might be the last day this chest will be bare.’ Talk about getting it off our chest.

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