People need one tight slap, says singer Abhijeet

Jul 06, 2016, 10:40 IST | Hemal Ashar

Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya, in yet another controversy over a 'love jihad' tweet is at the receiving end of ire and fire after using 'abusive' language on a woman journalist. He speaks out

Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya, in yet another controversy over a ‘love jihad’ tweet (he had stated that techie Swathi’s murder in Chennai was love jihad) is at the receiving end of ire and fire after using ‘abusive’ language on a woman journalist. The Mumbai-based artiste, embroiled in so much trouble every few months speaks out.

Abhijeet Bhattacharya
Abhijeet Bhattacharya


On being a right wing Hindu poster boy:
Some people have a modus operandi to target people using Hindu desh bhakti. In fact, I still have a doubt about Sadhvi Pragya and Colonel Purohit and such cases. There is a sentiment that if you are pro-Hindu or nationalist then you are communal or anti-minority. If you are anti-Hindu then you are secular.

On the tweet that created a furore:
Abhijeet: The tweet was a quote from others. Justice for Swati, which I started, became a trend, and, it went viral. In fact, I am so happy this has become a big issue. There are some so called journalists who are paid to pursue an agenda. They are paid to spoil India’s name. What happened was that I was being trolled all day. There were three people trolling me and then some Pakistanis too joined in. I replied, stating do not block me. I tweeted twice and then I was blocked. Block, block, block. That is when and why I decided these people need a karara thappad (tight slap).

On abusing a lady journalist, calling her besharam budhiya:
Abhijeet: This lady understands a certain language. She had said such things that mard sharma jaaye (a man will feel ashamed). Look at her history only gaalis. I called her a besharam budiya because it has more of an impact in Hindi. If I had said ‘old lady’ would it be the same? The laws are such that today, a woman is free to abuse you, if a man replies or says something, a molestation case is slapped on him. I want to ask all these people, why are you so proud about Pakistan? And not about India? They have a single motto, be anti-govt and anti-India.

On deliberately making statements for publicity:
Abhijeet: When I talk, people wake up. I feel this is my moral responsibility. I am against anybody, celebrity, superstar talking negatively about the country. I think our army is bigger than God. I worship our soldiers, they defend us. When we are in trouble does God come out of his temple to save us? No, it is the soldier who does.

On obsessively bringing down Pakistani artistes:
Abhijeet: Pak singers are in a lower category, than us but unko yahaan chadhaya gaya hai. In fact they have the lowest grade of music. This is because in Bollywood we have 90 per cent hypocritical people who never raise their voices against anti-national sentiment. You think there is a casting couch? There is a casting couch by women in power too and women are its victims, even here. Like men have casting couches in Bollywood, not just for women aspirants, but men too. I hope you know this is happening. There is nobody to speak for these victims.

On accusations of having no work/songs to sing today:
Abhijeet: I think I am the luckiest singer post the Kishore Kumar, Rafi Saab era. My songs are still being played on radio stations. They are evergreen. As for having no work, I do shows in different countries. In fact, it is good that I am not singing these current songs. I am an entrepreneur now, I have invested wisely, I am an educated man who did not squander my money. Come and see my palace, my lifestyle, my cars.

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