People power prevails over political pressure

Jul 24, 2013, 01:49 IST | Vidya Heble

Vidya Heble checks out the mood at the small eatery in Parel that suddenly found itself in national focus after MiD DAY's cover story yesterday

The dosa is hot, but the atmosphere at Aditi is cool, in contrast to Monday’s fracas. Aditi became a viral sensation after Congress workers protested over a remark against the UPA printed on the vegetarian eatery’s bill.

Teacup storm passes over: Aditi opened for business as usual, with no indication of the fuss created the day before. Pics/Satyajit Desai

The over-the-board response to Aditi’s novel way of objecting to service tax stirred up a storm on Twitter and Facebook. Messages and posts, shared and retweeted, made the hitherto little-known restaurant a social media sensation.

The restaurant bill yesterday with the message that kicked up a ruckus.

The protest led to Aditi’s shutters coming down on Monday evening, but not for long. Life soon resumed as before at the restaurant, and now all is quiet. A TV news crew is parked at one table, but there is nothing juicy to film, except what is on the menu.

The new bill replaced with bland greetings

The food at Aditi is unchanged, though the highlight there is now the bill. When we pay and get the stamped bill back, it is disappointing to see that the incendiary protest has been replaced by the bland words, ‘Have a nice day’.

The manager on duty says that people are asking to see the bill, and talking about the tax protest, after the story made headlines. But there is neither any increase nor decrease in the number of customers, he says.

“We shut for some time after the dhamaal yesterday. But today we opened at 7 am as usual, and it has all been okay.”

Will the bill sport the unusual protest again? Probably not, said the manager, who asked to remain unnamed. “People have got the message. Why create trouble again?” 

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