'People are wondering why I chose this film'

May 15, 2012, 08:27 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Her latest film may have tanked at the box office, but Karisma Kapoor maintains she wanted to do something that her daughter could watch

Karisma Kapoor’s latest release may not have created an impact at the box office. The actress, however, stands by her decision to have signed the film. Her daughter, Samaira, who is now of a film-viewing age has been one of the reasons Lolo wanted to do such a film. 

The actress says, “My daughter (seven-year-old Samaira) can now fully understand what her mummy does while my son (two-year-old Kiaan Raj) is still young. I wanted to do a film that they could also see. The film had elements of fantasy, costume drama and supernatural aspects. It is something that could appeal to them.”

Besides, the 3D was a big factor. “This was also something new to me. I had never done a film that required such technology. I was willing to experiment and go for something unique,” she points out. However, considering that she agreed to do a film after such a big gap and an equally long period of deliberation, was Vikram Bhatt the best she could come up with? “Why not?” shoots back Karisma.

“I know that people are wondering why I chose his film; but for me, this was it. I have done several films and essayed several types of characters all these years. But this film spans several centuries and my character goes from today to hundreds of years into history. I could portray several personas in one film,” she adds.

Incidentally, due to the 3D effect, Karisma’s family members could not see the film at a private viewing studio. “The technology did not make it possible to see the film at any private theatre. I was keen that they see me in the theatre with the full-on 3D effects.” 

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