81 per cent Facebook users don't want to be friends with their boss

Apr 19, 2013, 10:13 IST | Agencies

At least 81 per cent people believe that there is one person you should never be friends with on Facebook - your boss - according to a new survey.

The survey of 722 people conducted by two websites found that 81 per cent said you should not be Facebook friends with your boss.

Slightly more men than women said it was alright to friend your boss, the survey site SodaHead and anonymous feedback site YouTell found.

Those aged between 25 to 34 were the most comfortable with befriending their boss on the social networking site, 'Huffington Post' reported.

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While there seemed to be a consensus on not befriending the boss on Facebook, people were less sure when it came to being friends with colleagues on the site.

In a parallel survey that asked whether or not you should be Facebook friends with your co-workers, 55 per cent said yes and 45 per cent said no.

Employees probably don't want bosses to see embarrassing information about them, and don't want to have to censor Facebook photos from their wild college days.

The fears may not be totally unfounded as people have been fired for Facebook posts.

In 2009, a Swiss woman was fired from her insurance job because she had told her boss that she couldn't work at her computer and needed to lie down in the dark.

She was fired when she was seen to be active on Facebook.

In 2010, a woman was fired from her waitressing job after complaining about a pair of customers on her Facebook page. 

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