43 per cent Indians back Modi for PM, Rahul Gandhi second choice: Poll

Mar 07, 2013, 12:33 IST | Agencies

A poll conducted by a market research agency has revealed that 43 per cent Indians support Narendra Modi for prime minister. Rahul Gandhi emerges second favourite.

Forty-three per cent of Indians backed Narendra Modi as the leading choice for the next prime minister while Rahul Gandhi emerged as the second choice, according to an opinion poll conducted by a market research agency.

Rahul Gandhi
Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi

According to the poll, the support for Modi's candidature was higher among men than women. The support for Modi was strong in Lucknow, Bangalore and Chennai while the sentiment against him was high in Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai, a statement said. 

Narendra Modi
Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi

Rahul had more support among women than men and he got strong support from Bangalore while there were voices against him in Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai and Delhi. 

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