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Sep 28, 2013, 03:39 IST | Soma Das

Stationery lovers are a breed apart and keep scouting for the latest finds. The Guide offers you a peek into some of the quirkiest options available

Lug around your visiting cards

Roti Kapda Makaan offers bookmarks, desk products and notebooks. They stock heart-shaped Notepads (Rs 200), Brief Case Card Holders (Rs 550) and the Visiting Card Trolley (Rs 230).

Paper-covered pencils

Loose Ends offers notebooks with vintage prints (R250 onwards), storage boxes that can be used for gifting or storing trinkets (Rs 250 onwards) as well as pencils covered with handmade paper (Rs 350 for 12 pencils plus the box).

For a luxurious spread

The Everyday Project offers design-centric products such as table alarm clocks (Rs 4,445), a Cosmonaut Stylus for tablets that lets you doodle (Rs 2,345), pen holders (Rs 1,125) and erasers (Rs 255). Check out their Orange Scissors by Michael Sodeau (Rs 2,495) which come in a case to avoid those ouches.

Go green with envy

Design By Nasha offers a range of stationery products that includes silk-screened note cards (set of 12 notes for Rs 780) and colourfully printed gift paper (Rs 110 for a sheet); they also customise stationery.

A pencil stand that stands out

Check out Chromakey’s colourful pencil stands (Rs 390), Playing Card Notebooks (Rs 295), @ shaped paperweights (Rs 600) and more.

Mask tape goes funky

Online brand, The Letter H, offers notelettes, festive envelopes and Washi tapes (decorative masking tape). The price range is from Rs 100 to Rs 300.

Wisdom of the turtle

iTokri offers funky stationery products including Toilet Paper Notepads (Rs 199), hand-crafted tortoise-shaped Coconut Wood Paper Weights (Rs 209) and Chart Paper Notebooks (Rs 199).

A touch of paisley

Varsha Arya, who is known for her light strings and fairy lights, also offers hand-made paper diaries with traditional motifs (Rs 120 and Rs 150).

Also check out...

Funky coasters
Cutting Chai Designs offers notebooks with quirky triangular designs (Rs 495), travel planners and checklists (Rs 495) and coasters (Rs 225).

Desk decor
Bombay Paperie offers paper products that are made using ancient techniques that date back to the times of Mughal Emperor Jehangir. The paper is made from a pulp of waste cotton fibre and no trees are cut to make this paper. On offer are lamps (Rs 300 to Rs 500), Rose baskets (Rs 300 to Rs 500) and notebooks (Rs 200), among others.

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