Peruvian woman filmed throwing husband's mistress off cliff on CCTV

Jun 24, 2013, 13:38 IST | Agencies

A jilted wife was caught on CCTV footage dragging her husband's mistress by her ponytail and hurling her over the edge of a cliff.

The wife, Lissette Lupo Mamani, spotted her cheating spouse, Renzo Zanabria Huanca, with the alleged ‘other woman’, Sandra Bruna Morales, during a hush-hush meeting in Arequipa, Peru, a report said.

In the shocking video of the bust-up, the husband can be seen running away from the scene as the mother of his four children grabs Morales by the hair.

The outraged wife was then seen dragging the 25-year-old girlfriend along the ground by her ponytail to the edge of a ravine before pushing her off.

Morales escaped serious injury and just had cuts and bruises. The drop into the cliff was about 20ft. 

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