Pest controller blames siblings' mom for negligence

Jul 14, 2012, 06:29 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Rukhsar Almekar, who was remanded in police custody till June 17, said in court that she had instructed Farzana not to let anyone into the home till 24 hours after the pest controlling

The Andheri magistrate court on Friday sent Rukhsar Almekar Mohammad — the arrested accused in the Versova siblings death case — to police custody.

The culprit? Rukhsar, the accused in the case, allegedly placed tablets under the beds in both the bedrooms at the Chougle residence without informing the family members about them. She did not tell the siblings’ mother Farzana about the deadly effect of the chemicals and the precautions that they should take. Pic/Satyajit Desai

In dramatic court proceedings that lasted for an hour, the court remanded the accused to police custody till June 17. Salim, one of Rukhsar’s co-workers, is yet to be arrested.

The police revealed that the accused had used a deadly combination of chemicals, which caused the death of the siblings.

Further investigations are being conducted to expose why the 32-year-old woman allegedly failed to inform Rehab’s mother Farzana about the lethal effect of the chemicals.

Farzana had given a statement to the police on Thursday, in which she said that pest control had been carried out at their home on July 3. Farzana, however, had only contracted Rukhsar to carry out the service in two bedrooms.

She added in her statement that Rukhsar had never spoken to her about the ill effects of the chemicals she had administered. Neither did she offer any advice nor dos and don’ts to Farzana. Rukhsar had charged Rs 1,000 for her pest controlling services.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Pratap Dighavkar said, “Rukhsar did not have a licence to carry out pest control. Also, she placed tablets under the beds in both the bedrooms, without informing the family members about them. She did not tell Farzana about the deadly effect of the chemicals and the precautions that should be taken. She has been charged under Section 304 of the IPC for culpable homicide not amounting to murder.”

The pest control operation at the Chougle residence was done on the morning of July 3. Late in the evening, both siblings arrived, but Farzana was away at a meeting. Dinner was prepared and Farzana returned home at 10 pm. Soon after dinner, both siblings started vomiting, following which they died in quick succession.

‘Gave warning’
At court, an inconsolable Rukhsar said, “All allegations against me are false. I had started the pest control business as a source of income. Farzana met me at the regular meetings in Lions Club. She insisted that I carry out pest control at her place — she messaged and called me. On that day, I had clearly told her that no one should enter the residence for 24 hours. I had also instructed her to open the doors and windows and switch on the fans when she entered her home. In fact, she called me later at around 10 pm, and then too I guided her.”

She further alleged that Farzana had been constantly changing her statements and misleading the police.

A close family member said that it was Farzana who was to blame, as she had not warned Rameez or Rehab. Rukhsar’s lawyer said that Farzana, as the head of the family, should have warned her children about the pest controlling, and alleged that she had allowed her children into the residence in spite of Farzana’s warnings.

Rukhsar is a mother of two and stays with her husband on Yari Road. She met Farzana at regular meetings in Lions club.  

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