Peter moving out?

Oct 28, 2015, 06:01 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

"I was passing by his building and saw a whole lot of furniture, suitcases and even a washing machine lying on the pavement near a moving van," said our friend, the super sleuth, about a recent trip to Worli to visit a friend who happens to live near Peter Mukerjea

"I was passing by his building and saw a whole lot of furniture, suitcases and even a washing machine lying on the pavement near a moving van," said our friend, the super sleuth, about a recent trip to Worli to visit a friend who happens to live near Peter Mukerjea.

"So I stopped and asked a mover what was going on," said the super sleuth. "It's Mukerjea Saab," I was informed. "He's moving all this to his son's place in Dehradun." Peter moving furniture to his son's place in Dehradun? We received this interesting piece of information and promptly passed it on to our friend Mrs Know it All.

Peter Mukerjea
Peter Mukerjea

"Oh, I'm not surprised said MKIA. "I believe the apartment he lives in is jointly owned with Indrani and so he's probably moving to another one," she said in her all-knowing way. Moving out to another apartment? Why so? Mrs Know it All shot us a pitying glance.

"Because the whole world — except you — has heard that he's planning to file for divorce very soon," she said wearily. Ah so, we said still trying to get our poor head around: 'moving' 'washing machine' 'Dehradun' and 'divorce'...

Lunching with the ladies
It was with a fair amount of trepidation that we arrived at Bindu Kapoor's (wife of ace banker Rana Kapoor) pre-Karva Chauth lunch yesterday. Trepidation because everyone knows that some of the most formidable fashion police can be found at ladies-only lunches. Wear mismatched earrings to a gathering of men and you can get away with it.

Amita Patel, Rajalaxmi Rao, Kiran Joneja Sippy,  and Bindu and Radha Kapoor with friends at the lunch
Amita Patel, Rajalaxmi Rao, Kiran Joneja Sippy,  and Bindu and Radha Kapoor with friends at the lunch

But try it at a ladies lunch and you will be yesterday's dal. Women basically dress to impress one another, and Kapoor's annual lunch is an outing for some of the city's most elaborate clothes and jewels. But we needn't have worried, because the warmth, excited chatter and hospitality soon outdid the sartorial side of things.

With mehendi artists, a live band, a flowing bar, a sumptuous table, a tarot reader and more — the likes of Pearl Contractor, Abha Singh, Anjali Mariwala, Queenie Singh, Smiti Kanodia, Rajalaxmi Rao and Bindu and Rana's lovely Radha met, mingled and made merry. And the conversation ranged from the media to politics to the economy! Who says ladies lunches are only about the clothes?

Griping in Delhi
According to our Dilli-based political source, the next person going public with his griping on the Modi government, is Dr Subramaniam Swamy. "He's already written to the PM about his reservations on FinMin Jaitley," said the source.

Dr Subramanian Swamy
Dr Subramanian Swamy

"And if a reply doesn't come, he will go to the press and voice his complaints a la Shourie," said the Dilli insider. "Ever since word has gone out that the BJP's losing Bihar, everyone is crying wolf." True, we said. Except they're not all crying 'wolf'. They're also crying cow, we said. "That too," said the Delhi-based political source.

Unlikely brothers-in-law
As regular readers might know, we are inordinately fascinated by the strangest of things. Like unlikely brothers-in-law. Fiery politician Subramaniam Swamy and laid-back journalist Virender Kapoor. Gandhi baiter Arun Shourie and Gandhi BFF Suman Dubey. High-flyer Lalit Modi and avant-garde architect Bijoy Jain.

Amish and Himanshu Roy
Amish and Himanshu Roy

And to add to this list of men you could never imagine sitting on the same dining table together, here's another: topcop Himanshu Roy and best-selling author Amish: Roy is married to Amish's sister.

And when we asked Roy if this were true, his witty and prompt response was: "Yes, we all have something to hide." A cop with way with words? Now that doesn't make him so unlikely a relative of a top wordsmith after all.

Happy birthday, Mrs Irani
We have been long-time admirers of actor Boman Irani, not only of his acting talent but also for his qualities as responsible citizen, a devoted family man, and a doting son.

Boman Irani’s mother with Dilip Kumar
Boman Irani's mother with Dilip Kumar

And so when he posted that it was his mother's 88th birthday yesterday, and she said she felt 'good enough to run a Derby' we could not help but marvel at her grace, fortitude and beauty.

This picture brimming with so much beauty and grace was taken a few years ago at Irani's son's wedding, where the lovely lady met her teenage hero Dilip Kumar. "They chatted like long lost friends," said Boman.
We like!

Misfit at a luxury conference?
Word comes in that yesterday saw the who's who of the luxury world collect in Delhi, to attend the India Luxury Summit, organised by the Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Assocham.

Amitabh Kant. Pic/AFP and Najma Heptullah
Amitabh Kant. Pic/AFP and Najma Heptullah

The summit was flagged of by Dr Najma Heptullah, Union Minister of Minority Affairs, who in her opening remarks admitted that she was perplexed when she received the invitation.

"I had no idea why they would want me to speak at this luxury summit. Maybe they think I have a luxuriant personality or wear good saris," she joked, but took the opportunity to showcase some of the work her ministry was doing.

Others who delivered speeches included Amitabh Kant from the ministry of commerce and industry, Francois Richier, the French ambassador, Vivek Sahni of Kama Ayurveda, Kalyani Chawla of Dior, designers Sabyasachi Mukherji and Rahul Mishra, Ruchika Mehta and Pernia Qureshi. As for Heptullah's speech, many in the audience were heard saying that she was right about being chosen for the luxuriant personality and good saris.

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