PHD student accuses Mumbai college of running gay scam

Jan 07, 2016, 16:06 IST | Varun Singh

A pamphlet being distributed by a PhD student from a Goregaon-based institute says homosexual students are running a scam on his institute’s campus, misusing network to get admission, cheat in exams

While the country is continuing in its efforts to be more inclusive towards the country’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community, there are countless others who are trying to marginalize the group further. Case in point: a letter being distributed by a student of a Goregaon-based institute, claiming that his college is running a ‘scam bigger than Vyapam’ by admitting only gay students.

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The pamphlet is being distributed by a PhD student from the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR) in Goregaon (east), who has been associated with them since 2011. Pic/Suresh KK
The pamphlet is being distributed by a PhD student from the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR) in Goregaon (east), who has been associated with them since 2011. Pic/Suresh KK

Sundar Shah (name changed) received the pamphlet (see box ‘The Pamphlet’) while he was travelling from Marine Lines. He was approached by a man in the train who handed him the pamphlet and moved ahead. Shah read the pamphlet, which said that the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR) in Goregaon (east) has a number of gay professors and admissions are given mostly to gay students. Amit Kumar Maurya, a PhD student of IGIDR, has signed the letter.

When Shah reached home, he ran an Internet search for the institute. He claims that the man who handed him the pamphlet was the same man on the institute’s website. “I read the pamphlet in the train, and by the time I could look for the man, he had disappeared. I reached home and looked up the institute and found the guy listed as a student. There was a picture of the person named Amit Kumar Maurya, and his face was similar to the man giving out the pamphlets,” said Shah. Maurya allegedly gave the pamphlet to Shah in the train at around 7.15 pm, at in Marine Lines.

According to Shah, Maurya was decently dressed and was giving the pamphlet to many in the train, but since it was in English, not many came forward to read it. Shah informed one of his friends about the same and he wrote to the institute via email and attached the image of the pamphlet.

The e-mail to the dean, director and registrar of IGIDR said, “I hereby am compelled to write to you as a citizen of this country about a pamphlet being circulated by one of your PhD scholar which is not only discriminating a section of people but also questions the values of your esteemed institute. I would like you to take note of the same and take appropriate action.”

Excerpts from the pamphlet

A scam bigger than Vyapam?
How gay students are cheating in exams I am giving this information at risk to my life. Please Read.

Due to social stigma, gays LGBT hide their sexual orientation from the society. However, using Internet and smart phones (equipped with GPS, 3G and apps) gays are able to connect with each other. Hence, there exists a large network of gays, which is invisible to the straight population. Such network exists throughout the country. Gays use the network to help each other...

It seems this is happening in IGIDR, Goregaon east Mumbai, which is one of the best colleges in Economics. It seems a number of professors are gay, and admissions are given to (mostly) gay students...

College Speak
When mid-day contacted Professor Ganesh, the dean of the institute, he confirmed that they have a student named Amit Kumar Maurya in the PhD section who has been with them from 2011. The institute’s registrar Jai Mohan Pandit in an email response said, “The views of Amit Kumar Maurya stated in the pamphlet are his personal and do not reflect the ideology of the institution. It is denied that in the IGIDR there is any cheating modus operandi as alleged related to admission or promotions or any other matter.”

When asked whether the institute was initiating any action against Kumar, he said, “The dean and director have called a meeting of the faculty.” He claimed that he has no further information.

The institute did not give Maurya’s contact details, despite several attempts by this reporter to receive them. An email was also sent to Maurya on his institute’s official email id, but it got us no reply.

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