Photos of woman's headless body put husband in ICU

Aug 27, 2012, 06:13 IST | Shiva Devnath

Investigations by Unit XI of Crime Branch into the murder of a 32-year-old woman have hit a hurdle after the husband � a key suspect � had to be admitted to ICU after being shown photographs of the victim's headless corpse. The body was found at Malwani no 8 on August 17.

The post-mortem revealed she had had Chinese food and liquor before the murder. Cops later checked various bars, as they suspected her to be a bar girl.

Roshni Prajapati

“We made two groups and checked all the dance bars to find out if any woman was missing. We even distributed the photographs and at last discovered she used to work for a bar at Dahisar and had been missing for a few days. She was identified as Roshni Prajapati alias Rita.

Later, cops found her address at Malvani. When they visited the place, they found it demolished. They got in touch with the builder, who had provided the family a flat in some other area as this one was undergoing redevelopment.

“Finally we reached her residence and found her husband Ajay Prajapati and three kids,” said API Chimmaji Adov from Crime Branch, Unit XI. Cops detained Ajay and questioned him. A Crime Branch officer said, “When we asked him why he hadn’t filed a missing complaint, he said the victim was often gone for days and the couple had frequent fights over it. She also had a boyfriend who was seen roaming with her. We suspected Ajay as he was not giving reliable replies.”

When cops made him see the photographs of the body, Ajay was shaken and his blood pressure shot up. He even started foaming at the mouth and cops rushed him to a hospital, where he was admitted to the ICU. Cops will have to wait before questioning him further. 

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