Pigs disrupt normal life in Wanowrie

Oct 16, 2012, 07:17 IST | Priyankka Deshpande

Attack children and pet dogs, cause accidents on roads

For the past few years, residents of Wanowrie have been facing several problems because of unrestricted movement of pigs in the area and claim authorities are doing little to resolve the issue.

Let loose by owners
Residents said pig owners were letting the animals wander freely, which was a nuisance for everybody and even the cause of accidents as the pigs strayed on to busy roads.

The problem is most acute on Shivarkar Road, Fatima Nagar and Wanowrie Gaon. Usha Gandhi, a resident of Fatima Nagar, said she could not walk her dog in peace because the pigs would attack her pet.

Running amok: Pigs on Shivarkar Road in Wanowrie. Pic/Pranav Bagade

“No one is bothered about this pig nuisance,” Gandhi said. “Adding to our woes, instead of carrying them (pigs) away, the PMC’s dog and pig squad brings stray dogs and releases them in our area.”

Attracted by garbage
Mohsin Shaikh, a resident of Kedari Nagar, said refuse bins outside the various eating joints in the area were always brimming with garbage, which attracted stray pigs and dogs.
“The pigs are roaming freely in the open ground in the area which we use as a jogging track,” Shaikh said. “However, since these pigs are now attacking us, we are scared to go for morning and evening walks. Their (the pigs’) soft targets are mainly kids, who are now scared to step outside.”

Uncleared filth
The residents claimed that the unhygienic conditions and the inefficiency of the civic authorities in maintaining garbage dumps and open nullahs had made the area an ideal stomping ground for the pigs.

They said they had also approached the PMC for help, but the department concerned could not take efficient steps to resolve the issue.

PMC unable to cope
Kondhwa-Wanowrie ward officer Sukumar Patil admitted the civic body was not able to cope with the task of catching the pigs. “Since there is only one pig squad, which works under the PMC’s health department, it has to go to catch pigs in the entire city,” Patil said.

“The squad can visit one area of the city only once a month, so it becomes impossible to catch the pigs. The only solution to this menace is the rehabilitation of these pigs and we are thinking of implementing this project.”  

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