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Chocolate lovers went into depression with recent reports suggesting that a worldwide shortage of cocoa could be a reality by 2020. If this happens, it’s best to make every minute count, and begin to gorge on these goodies. the guide speaks to a few familiar Mumbai faces about their favourite chocolate-y moments

Ajay ChopraI associate chocolates with every celebratory moment in my life.

From doing well in my exams to my first song being released, I have always rejoiced with my chocolate fix.

I think we should take the research seriously and take steps to ensure that the future generations continue to enjoy the goodness of chocolates.


Thinking about going without the same, would mean incomplete celebrations.
- Ankit Tiwari; Playback singer

Shipra KhannaI still remember my first visit to the Hershey’s chocolate factory in the US, when I was a kid.

It was the best day of my life and I just wanted to drown in those chocolates and get lost in them forever.

You’ll find my house full of chocolates at all times.


But my heart reaches out to those kids who will not be able to enjoy the heavenly goodness of chocolates in the near future.
- Shipra Khanna; Chef

Ajay ChopraMy favourite chocolate memory is of visiting the bakery section and digging into flourless double chocolate brownies when we introduced live bakers at the Westin in Mumbai some years back.

I must have gone through 16 varieties of brownies that we did, almost twice a day.

I have become a serious chocoholic since then.


I am depressed to hear about this research that chocolate is going to be scarce in this world, which to me, means that I will now have to double my choco-appetite.
- Ajay Chopra; Chef

Dipannita SharmaI am a true chocoholic and I can’t imagine life without chocolates. When I was a child there wasn’t a day that I didn’t pester my dad to bring me a bar of chocolate on his way back from work.

My most favourite was something called Double Decker with wafers and layers of chocolates in it. Sadly, it was discontinued; till date, its taste lingers.

Of course, over the years, I have discovered many wonderful flavours in chocolates, especially in the dark variety.

Recently on my trip to Italy, I had an entire day of trying out different kinds of chocolates and chocolate drinks.

Actually, that is all I ate that day. This piece of news is most distressing because my meals are incomplete without a piece or two of my favourite chocolate.
- Dipannita Sharma; Model/actress

Radhika ApteI recall chocolate as being one of the most unique and wonderful flavours, both in the form of savouries and sweets.

But this situation reminds me of how damaging the human race can be, as yet another species of plant is to go extinct due to our greed and selfishness.

My most precious memories are of when I was little and my uncle who travelled abroad got us imported chocolates from the flights he took.

It was a rare treat and made him a favourite uncle! Another memory is of when my mum made brownies at home and gave us the bowl to lick the chocolate brownie batter; the bowl looked so clean, as if it were washed!
- Radhika Apte; Actress

In the news

Recently, global news reports predicted a  chocolate shortage across the world, which may be on the anvil by 2020 due to a paucity of cocoa. It could lead to chocolate becoming more expensive and a decline in its overall quality. Experts have suggested that chocolate could become sludgy in texture instead of solid and much sweeter with sugar making up for the lack of cocoa powder as well as more expensive.

Did you know?
Cacao trees can live up to 200 years, but they produce marketable cocoa beans for just 25 years. Each tree produces around 2,500 beans. It takes 4-5 years to produce the first beans.

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