Plan to make Rudyard Kipling's Mumbai bungalow a literary venue

Mar 11, 2015, 08:20 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Located in the Sir JJ School of Art campus, Nobel laureate and author of The Jungle Book, Sir Rudyard Kipling’s bungalow might soon host poetry and book readings, and related literary events

Poetry and book readings at the historic Kipling’s Bungalow inside the Sir JJ School of Art campus could become a reality, if all goes according to plan.

Kipling’s Bungalow
Kipling’s Bungalow inside the Sir JJ School of Art. Pic/Dhara Vora

The landmark inside the educational institution may become a new venue for literary events in the city.

E Bizz, the organiser of the recently concluded Lit-o-Fest, plans to approach the State Education Ministry with a request for permission to host literary events inside the iconic bungalow.

“Keeping the bungalow’s history in mind, we feel it would be a great venue as well as inspiration for young and established writers. We hope to host regular free poetry and book readings at the bungalow in association with the Sir JJ School of Art,” shares Smita Parikh, festival director, Lit-o-Fest, who is also the CEO of the entertainment company that organised the two-day festival.

Named after Sir Rudyard Kipling, author of classics including The Jungle Book and Kim, the bungalow is built a few yards from the spot where the English writer was born. Naturally, it is of great importance to the literary community as well as heritage lovers. Incidentally, it was home to the college dean till 2002.

Parikh informs, “We will be presenting a formal proposal to the technical education department later this month, and thereafter, we hope to begin hosting poetry nights at the bungalow,” she reveals.

She also informs that though the bungalow was restored a few years ago by the Jindal South West Foundation, it has been out of the public eye due to a lack of awareness.

“This is a very important site, and it could play a greater role by being an inspiration and a meeting point for young and known literary minds,” she concludes.

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