Plane with 127 fliers on board lands safely at Mumbai airport despite burst tyre

Mar 03, 2016, 23:24 IST | Neha LM Tripathi

All 127 passengers of a Jet Airways flight escaped unhurt, after the aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing at the Mumbai domestic airport with a burst tyre

A Jet Airways Delhi-Mumbai flight with 127 passengers on board landed safely at Mumbai airport on Thursday night despite having a burst tyre.

Flight 9W 354 whose ETA was 9.55pm at Mumbai airport landed safely at the end of the main runway. According to the Jet Airways official statement. the Boeing 739 plane reported a technical fault with the main landing gear.

According to airport officers, the aircraft's right wing was completely damaged since the plane's tyre on the right side was brust. There was also an oil leak which prompted the pilots to make an emergency call. Fire tenders were rushed to the spot and cleared the oil once the plane landed. 

All the 120 fliers safely deboarded the aircraft.

The emergency landing led to the authorities being forced to use the secondary runway. According to Mumbai International Airport Pvt Limited (MIAL) officials, flights sufferred a delay of around 25 minutes.

The aircraft has been cleared from the main runway, and the push back has been completed.

A Jet Airways spokesperson said, “Jet Airways flight 9W 354, on landing in Mumbai, reported a technical fault with the main landing gear. All 120 passengers and 8 crew were safely disembarked. As per preliminary assessment of the aircraft by the Jet Airways engineering team, the right hand main landing gear has been damaged. We wish to clarify that there was no fire in any part of the aircraft.”

Due to the incident, an Air India Mumbai-Newark direct flight had to land at Ahmedabad for required fueling and then depart with full load of passengers to its destination. Sources say that the aircraft had a very hard landing.

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