Players should tread carefully

May 18, 2013, 06:39 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

As the spot-fixing scandal in the Indian Premier league (IPL) gets murkier, it is time cricketers realised that getting embroiled in fixing is like playing with fire

There are many who would tell you that fixing is dishonest, not worth throwing your career away or losing the respect of your teammates. But some
players are too greedy or simply too naive to realise the same.

Match-fixing is run by crime syndicates — pure and simple. Players have IQs in single digits if they are unable to fathom the lethal quagmire they are getting sucked into.

Bookies with funny names like Petro or Jumping Jack or whatever are not just amusing aides. Players need to think about the source of their funds, introspect about who is controlling these bookies?

They need to think that when they succumb to temptation, they are, in fact, getting mired in the quicksand that is the underworld. From one demand, to fix one over, it soon may becomes four overs and sometimes more.

Once you sell your soul to the criminals, you cannot get it back. It would also become impossible to refuse other ‘requests’ politely.

It is laughable to think that players have not read reports about the link between crime and cricket.

A few years ago, people scoffed at the thought of fixing in cricket. But the consequences are in front of us.

Similarly, there is too much evidence to dismiss big criminal connections. Men running these rackets for which players are used as pawns can be easily dispensed with when things get too sticky.

Players must know it is not just credibility or their future on the line when they get involved with the bookies. It is their life.  

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