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Oct 02, 2011, 07:58 IST | Yoshita Sengupta

A new theatre festival makes its way to Mumbai, but each play is all of 10 minutes long

A new theatre festival makes its way to Mumbai, but each play is all of 10 minutes long

There is no audio, no videos, no elaborate sets. There are just two actors on stage playing the roles of a married couple in conversation. At the end of it, 10 minutes later, you find out they are actually playing the parts of a television and a remote control.

This is just one of 20 engaging plays lined up from October 2 to October 9 at Short +Sweet, the "biggest little play festival in the world". The decade-old festival that kicked off in Australia and travelled through New Zealand, Malaysia, and Singapore and Delhi is now coming to Mumbai to make its city debut in collaboration with Primetime Theatre.

"I saw the festival in Delhi last year and got excited. I got in touch with the Australian organisers immediately and in May this year, Alex (Broun) and I conducted a three-day workshop in Mumbai to introduce young people to the concept and process of 10-minute theatre," says Ira Dubey, festival director of Short+Sweet Mumbai.

Fifty per cent of the scripts that have been chosen for the festival were written by young theatre enthusiasts at the workshop. The format has tremendous scope for diversity and is targeted at young audiences. "Young audiences have little interest in theatre. The shorter format would be easier for them to swallow and digest," Dubey says.

All the scripts, 70 per cent of which are from Mumbai, will be staged in the "purest form" of theatre. "There will be 10 pieces staged in one evening and none of the pieces have been allowed to use audio or video. No elaborate sets, no razzmatazz. What you can expect is theatre in its purest form, where the actor communicates with the audience."

At: 7 pm, from October 2 to 9 (except October 3), NCPA, Nariman Point 
Call: 66223737 

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