Plenty of drinking water for Mumbaikars as city's lakes overflow

Jul 17, 2013, 13:06 IST | Sujit Mahmulkar

Lake Modak Sagar became the third lake in the city to overflow this monsoon. According to reports, the lake started overflowing since early Wednesday morning

There are 7 lakes that suppy water to Mumbai out of which the levels of Modak Sagar, Tulsi and Tansa have crossed their overflow mark. With more rains predicted in the catchment areas, the remaining four lakes will soon overflow.

Lake Modak Sagar, Mumbai lakes
Modak Sagar. Pic Sameer Markande

Middle Vaitarna can supply only 70 million litres of water due to construction work being carried out on site. Once the work is complete that lake will be able to supply 400 million litres of water everyday.

While Mumbai's actual requirement is 4,200 million litres of water per day, the city gets about 3,450 million litres everyday. Approximately 800 million litres are wasted in leakages and pilfering.

Mumbai water levels
Water level stats on July 17th

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