PMC bats for transparency: To upload information of road projects online

Oct 08, 2013, 06:16 IST | Agencies

Civic body feels this will make it easier to fix responsibility for sub-par work

To usher in clarity and create deterrence regarding malpractices among contractors, Pune Municipal Corporation’s road department is going to put all the information regarding ongoing road development projects on the civic body’s website.

Improvement needed: At the initial stages, facts regarding projects that kicked off last year will be updated on the website. File Pic

The data will include the name of the road, total distance, estimated cost for the project, total duration, name of the contract, defective liability period, etc. This way, it will be easy to trace a contractor who has done shoddy work.

The department has been gathering information for this purpose. At the initial stages, facts regarding projects that kicked off last year will be updated on the website.

“Along with the information, we are also going to put up maps and pictures of the roads, so that people can easily locate the actual sites. We have collected almost all the details. Currently, the process of accumulating photographs is going on, which will be over in a month. After that, the data will be available on the website,” said Pramod Nirbhavane, additional engineer and in-charge, road department, PMC.

Every year, the department spends crores of rupees on development and resurfacing work. Of its yearly budget, the civic body expends more than one-third on road-related infrastructure projects. However, each year, the road department is flooded with complaints regarding poor condition of the streets following the onset of monsoon.

In a recent General Body (GB) meeting too, elected representatives raised questions about the overall work done by the department, and demanded confiscation of deposits of contractors, whose work was in defective liability period.

“This information will be open to all. So, in case of any complaint regarding roads, people will know who is responsible. This information will be helpful for our records also,” Nirbhavane added. 

‘Welcome step’
“This is certainly a good initiative by the civic body. Earlier, we have tried to get information about various road development projects. But the department never maintained transparency and always avoided our queries. We welcome this new proposal, as it will help trace the contractors who have not done their job adequately,” said Vivek Velankar, a civic activist. 

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