PMC staff can now post requirement for essential items online

Oct 08, 2012, 06:41 IST | Priyankka Deshpande

The long wait for essential items like raincoats, uniforms stationery and electrical material has finally ended for ward offices and Class IV employees of the Pune Municipal Corporation with the civic body deciding to go online for the supply of such material to its staff.

The employees now just have to log on to the PMC website and click on the commodities needed. Once they book the goods, it will be the duty of the purchase department to dispatch the items in a couple of days.

In a bid to solve the frequent problems concerning supply of essential items to various ward offices and Class IV employees, Shriniwas Kandul, who is the head of the electrical department of the PMC and is also responsible for the purchase department, took the decision to provide the material only when a demand comes in from the ward offices.

MiD DAY had highlighted the issue of how uniforms for female workers that were purchased for Rs 4.74 lakh were not distributed among the PMC staff and were lying in the purchase department.

“This initiative will stop unnecessary storage of items, which otherwise lie unused for years and then have to be removed because of limited storage space in the purchase department,” Kandul said.

He added that PMC employees now just had to open the web page of the storage department, where the commodities are divided into the three categories of stationery, sanitary material and electrical material.

“The employees just have to click on the necessary items and then the storage department will get the department-wise requirement, which will be immediately dispatched,” Kandul said. “This process will not only be useful in making the commodities available on an immediate basis, but also stop unnecessary tendering.”

To illustrate how the system would work, Kandul said that if there was a requirement for pencils, then the storage department would be able to see the exact requirement from all the ward offices and decide whether the demand for that particular stationery item required a tendering process.

“This way the lengthy tendering process will be avoided and stationery will be dispatched immediately,” Kandul said. Before this, officials of various ward offices would go to the purchase department every time for material necessary for the maintenance of the office.

Purchase department head Jayant Pawar said that although the online system was new for his team, they had already got a grasp of its working and using it were able to dispatch 3,000 raincoats — lying in the storage department since the past few months — in a couple of days to the various ward offices in the city.  

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