PMC takes action against two malls

Oct 04, 2013, 01:33 IST | A Correspondent

After drawing flak from some quarters for not initiating action against some malls illegally occupying space, the civic body's ant-encroachment squad cleared 8,000 sq-ft area from R Deccan and Central Mall located in Ganesh khind Road yesterday

The malls had occupied the open space and ducts, setting up food and toy stalls, which was a safety hazard. “Free space and ducts are for the safety of consumers. It can be used in case of emergency. But, these malls give permission to stalls or for parking. 

There are guidelines for the side and front margin of the mall. It should be followed properly. We are going to inspect these malls on regular basis,” said Madhav Jagtap, head of the anti-encroachment department.

Earlier, the civic body was criticised for taking action in slum areas with some activists saying they were reluctant against taking action against malls.  

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