PMC takes up issue of mosquito breeding by suing offenders

Jul 30, 2013, 00:30 IST | A Correspondent

The PMC's vector-borne diseases control cell has filed court cases against four citizens and establishments in the city over mosquito breeding spots in their premises

The vector-borne diseases control cell (VBDCC) of the PuneMunicipal Corporation (PMC) has filed court cases against four citizens and establishments in the city over mosquito breeding spots in their premises. The PMC has done this to prevent vector-borne diseases in the city.

A week ago the PMC had filed cases against two establishments. “Today we filed two more cases over breeding,” said Vaishali Jadhav, head of VBDCC, yesterday.

Brooding on breeding: The buildings that have been sent a notice by the PMC have started spraying insect repellents to make their premises free of mosquitoes. Representation Pic

Both cases were filed after the PMC found breeding spots on the premises of the under-construction buildings of Pune Vidyarthi Gruha and Samast Barajatiche Gujrati Trust at Ravivar Peth.

“Earlier, we filed cases against Nida Juned Shaikh, a resident of Nana Peth. Our team spotted a breeding spot in the basement of a building belonging to Shaikh and Sai Tyres Works from the Chandani Chowk area. At Sai Tyre Works there were 526 tyres near two water storage tanks causing mosquitoes to breed. The case has been filed against owner M K Shrinivasan,” said Jadhav.

“A warning letter and notice has been sent to all the accused. If there is no response a health notice with a 24-hours deadline will be sent to them,” added Jadhav.

Director of Pune Vidyarthi Gruh Ramchandra Shete said, “We are taking precautions to prevent mosquitoes from breeding, and have sprayed repellents. We are also trying to free ducts at out construction site of water. But, there is a natural stream nearby that keeps the ducts wet.”

The building’s civil contractor Ganesh Dabadghav said, “We have received a notice from the PMC and we are taking precautions. We have even released Gappi fish in the stored water to rid the place of mosquitoes.”

Civic activist Vijay Kumbhar said, “I refuse to believe that only private establishments that are a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The PMC should check its own buildings once in a while. However, this is a good intiative.”

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