PMPML realises 35 top officials haven't been transferred in 6 yrs

Feb 25, 2014, 03:01 IST | Dheeraj Bengrut

Since it is mandatory to transfer high-level officials every 3 years, PMPML will today discuss a shuffle for those who haven’t been transferred since 2007

The Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML) has turned to its own rule book to check if the regulations of the organisation are being followed. An important issue to be tabled in PMPML's board meeting today will be the transfers of top officials who have retained the same position since the transport body's inception in 2007.

The rules state that it is mandatory to transfer all high-level officials and depot managers after every three years. Till now, only depot managers have been transferred while many top officials and heads of departments (HODs) have stayed put. The administration has its eye on 35 officers for doling out transfer notices.

'Need a shuffle'
"Our main discussion at the meeting will be on the transfers of the HODs. We have identified 35 top posts, which need to be shuffled, and these officers must be transferred. The PMPML administration has not taken up this issue in their board meetings till now. This is an important matter and it must be made top priority," said PMPML Director Prashant Jagtap.

"While studying the reshuffling of posts and discussing transfer details with PMPML officials earlier, we came across some grey areas. It is easy to transfers depot managers from one depot to another, but for the post of a traffic manager or public relations officer, it is very difficult to hire someone within the organisation who has the required knowledge and expertise for the post.

We are thinking of creating new posts like, assistant traffic manager, assistant PRO and other such posts to help new officers to understand the nature of the work. And later, the old official will be transferred to another department." added Jagtap.

The positions of law officer, traffic manager, chief engineer, account manager, BRT head officer, labour and public relations officer, controller of stores, 10 depot managers and other senior posts are likely to be shuffled or transferred.

Ashok Jagtap, vice president, PMPML workers union said, "The transfer of top officials is very necessary for the benefit of the organisation and indirectly also for the public. Our conductors and drivers are transferred according to the need of the depots, then why leave out top officials?"

Speaking to MiD DAY, PMPML's joint managing director, Pravin Ashtikar, said, "As a government body, we have to respect the transfer act. The officials will be transferred and reshuffling of positions will be done within the PMPML."

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