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Published: Dec 03, 2013, 22:16 IST | Hassan M Kamal |

In today's day and age, apps play an integral part in staying healthy. It acts as your personal trainer to monitor your calorie intake, keeps logs of training schedule, reminds you of vaccination dates and ensures that there are no pregnancy scares by keeping track of your menstruation cycle. Hassan M Kamal gives you the smart checklist that will help you lead a healthy and stress-free life

Health & Fitness

Birth control or pregnancy

Based on the patented Standard Days Method, the iCyclebeads app helps women to figure their menstrual cycle and informs of fertile days. It can be used to help get pregnant and avoid it using safe sex methods. With 80% effectiveness during clinical trials, it’s cost-effective to avoid pregnancy as compared to hormone and non-hormone based contraception means, with no side effects. It helps those whose cycle falls between 26-32 days.

Log on to: Cyclebeads. com before you start.
Available at: Google Play Store, iTunes Store.
Price: Rs 162.41

Pocket your fitness trainer
Nike Training Club

Getting fit was never as exciting and glamorous. Available for free on Android and iOS phones, this fitness app comes with over 100 custom-built workouts categorised into four different sections depending on what you wish to achieve. The app also tracks your daily regime and gives you updates on your progress. Extras include bonus workouts from professional athletes, celebrities and yoga instructors.

Available at: Google Play Store, and iTunes Store.
Price: Free

Do the yoga
Pocket Yoga

Download this app, and enjoy the benefits of yoga at your own pace. The app comes with 27 different sessions categorised between three different practices, three different difficulty levels and in three different durations. So, set the device in front of your yoga mat, and the device will guide you. If you think you know enough to make your own yoga routines, try the Pocket Yoga -- Practice Builder ($4.99).

Available at: Google Play Store, and iTunes Store.
Price: Rs 170

Stay informed on all things medical

Creator of one of the world’s most exhaustive resource on medical conditions, web portal WebMD is now available as an app, and it’s free. Sign up with your email ID, fill in your symptoms, and the app will offer you a possible diagnosis. While the app can’t replace a doctor, or used for self medication, WebMD educates you about health conditions, helps you stay alert, and possibly, get professional help in time.

Available at:Google Play Store, iTunes Store.
Price: Free

Keep a check on diabetes
Diabetes Tracker

Store your diabetes records on the phone, set alarms for meal,medicines, manage your expenses and more through DiabetesTracker. The app offers simple monitoring of diabetes levels on a smartphone, and based on levels, suggests if you need to have a meal, etc. It comes with in-built images of yoga and exercise and a few handy recipes that could be used.

Available at: Google Play store.
Price: Free
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Mahalife BabyCare

Keep track of your child’s immunisation cycle, get automatic reminders for upcoming vaccines as recommended by Indian Pediatrics Association, track your child’s growth from birth till 12 years with respect to his height, weight, BMI, etc. You can also link your paediatrician with his profile.

Available at: Google Play Store.
Price: Free

Track your health on a trek

Map your trekking route, record time and distance covered, and stay updated on calories burnt with Endomodo Sports Tracker app. It keeps you informed about sporting activities. Users can track their activity on Endomodo. com.

Available at: Google Play, iTunes and Windows Marketplace.
Price: Free (Rs 275 for pro version)
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The vegan way
Vegan cupcakes

Have a sweet tooth but are planning to go vegan? Try the Vegan Cupcakes app that has 75 recipes for vegan cupcakes that includes Brooklyn Brownie Cupcakes, Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Cupcakes, S’mores Cupcakes and more. You can also integrate it with social media and share your creations.

Log on to: play.google.com
Price: Rs 306.74

Fruit friendly
Top fruit hub

Want to inform your kid about the benefits of fruits, or learn how to make delicious items using fruits? Download Top Fruit Hub. This app is a one-stop shop for everything related to fruits --video recipes, games and competitions. And as the makers ofthe app say, find the fun in fruits.

Available at: Google Play Store and iTunes Store.
Price: Free

Disclaimer: While we have tried to include only those apps who have proven effective in daily use, they should not be taken as a replacement for medical or health experts.

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