Poetry and prose to celebrate Bhagat Singh

Mar 23, 2015, 08:14 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Have a poem, an idea or a song to share? Head to Dadar (E) station as Kabeera Writers Club pay tribute to Indian revolutionary Bhagat Singh on his 84th death anniversary, today

Every month, for the past two years, Kabeera Writers Club has been organising open mic sessions to give young, emerging and established artists a platform to share, appreciate and criticise each others works. The locations change based on availability — some times it’s an open space in a housing society, at others street corners and some times professional venues. But the sessions never stop.

Members of Kabeera Writers Club during a street play performance

“Ours is an open platform to share creative works — be it a small writing, poetry, an act or a painting,” says 36-year-old Urdu playwright and theatre director Shahid Kabeer, who founded the group two years ago.

Today, Kabeera Writers Club has organised an open mic session near Dadar (E) station, where its members will sing songs, read poems and share writings by Indian revolutionary Bhaghat Singh as well as works inspired by him.

A still from the play, Pehle Aap
A still from the play, Pehle Aap

The British Government in India executed Singh on March 23, 1931 at the age of 23 with his comrades Rajguru and Sukhdev. “Singh remains a youth icon, and we will be paying tribute to him through readings of originals as well as works inspired by the Indian freedom fighter,” he adds.

He tells us that the group (as well as his last name) is a tribute to the 14th century Sufi saint, Kabeer, who propagated the idea of unity of different religions. “We want to take his thinking forward, and keep it alive. This group was created to offer a platform to artists who don’t get a chance to express themselves and at the same time, a forum where we could talk about humanity with the new generation,” he says, adding, “Some read poems, or sing ghazals, while others showcase artworks, screen films or perform acts. We are open to all forms of expression including literature, cinema, Folk Art, music, theatre as well as paintings.”

Shahid Kabeera, founder of Kabeera
Shahid Kabeera, founder of Kabeera

The group has also staged several plays in theatres as well as on the street. Their notable works include Ek Aur Haadsa, an Urdu translation of Dario Fo’s An Accidental Death of an Anarchist (Sathe College, 2013), Sinhasan Khali, an Urdu play on the importance of honest political leadership, written by Sushil Kumar Singh (Mysore Association, 2014), Pehle Aap an Urdu play on communalism by Iftikhar Ahmed (Ravindra Natya Mandir, 2014) and Baat Ka Batangad, an Urdu street play written by Kabeer on the politicisation of Ayodhya Mandir. Baat Ka Batangad was staged in Juhu, Bandra, Gateway of India, Andheri and Versova.

On: March 23, 4 pm AT Dadar (E) Railway Station.
Call: 9324827486
Log on to: kabeera.org

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