Police pin traffic offender to pillar, lash him with belt

Jul 13, 2012, 07:53 IST | Surender Sharma

As the video of two policemen beating a 25-year-old surfaced, an enquiry was ordered into the incident, and the errant men in khaki were suspended

An array of amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act were approved by the union cabinet three months ago. According to the new rules, those found to be driving dangerously — motoring on the wrong side of the road — would be fined Rs 1,000 and/or up to six months in jail.

However, Lokesh Kumar (25), paid quite a heavy penalty — something that he’ll remember for the rest of his life. Neither was his vehicle impounded, nor was he fined. Instead, Kumar was dragged to the police station, pinned to pillar, and was beaten with belts mercilessly by two policemen in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Inhuman: Lokesh Kumar, pinned to a pillar, is being thrashed with belts by policemen in Dasna police station, which falls under the Greater Noida Authority, Uttar Pradesh

This was revealed after a video that showed the men in action surfaced yesterday. The incident took place on Wednesday afternoon. Kumar was driving his Maruti Swift on the wrong lane of the Greater Noida Expressway, when cops flagged him down. After he stopped, an argument ensued by them, following which the men in khaki took him to the nearby Dasna police station, which falls under the Greater Noida Authority.

When they reached the police station, two policemen dragged Kumar to a pillar, while six other cops watched the action. The duo tied his hands to the pillar, and then one of the cops started hitting Kumar with a belt. This continued till Kumar couldn’t bear the lashes and cried out in pain.

After he begged pardon, Kumar’s hands were untied after which he slumped to the ground and the cops pulled him back on his feet. When the video — apparently shot by an onlooker — reached the higher officials of the Noida police, an enquiry was ordered into the incident. Both the policemen have been suspended. 

Delhi cop attacked for honking
A 30-year-old constable was attacked with bricks by three men for honking his bike’s horn while trying to go past their stalled vehicle, police said. One of the men was arrested. Pradeep, posted with the third battalion of Delhi Armed Police, was attacked in east Delhi’s Jyoti Nagar while returning home around 11.30 pm. He managed to catch one of the accused, while the other two escaped.

“The accused were pushing their delivery van when Pradeep started honking his bike’s horn. One of the accused pushed the victim before all of them attacked him with bricks,” said a police official. 

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