Police prevent demonstrators before Grand Prix

Jun 11, 2012, 07:59 IST | AFP

Police stepped up security yesterday to prevent student demonstrators from disrupting the Formula One Grand Prix in Montreal to bring attention to their bitter tuition fee battle

Shield-wielding riot police pushed back and chased hundreds of protesters amassed in the downtown shopping district on Saturday night, arresting at least 28 people and pushing several protesters, some in masks, to the ground. 

“We are in a real social crisis in Quebec. And at the moment we are witnessing police brutality, for no purpose, really,” University of Montreal student Zac Daoust Lefebvre told AFP. The crowd of protesters ran, booed and cursed, before engaging in more confrontation as police shouted and unleashed pepper spray. Sirens blared and people occasionally screamed from the panic of being crushed.

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