Police puzzled at housewife's bizarre tale of aimless abduction

Apr 22, 2014, 05:20 IST | Salil Urunkar

30-year-old told them how she was kidnapped after being lied to about her husband’s accident, sedated, then abandoned, all for no apparent motive

The Vishrantwadi police and the railway police force are investigating the claims of a woman who complained to them that she had been kidnapped and fed sedatives by three people and later abandoned on a train on the Pune-Manmad railway line. Primary investigations have failed to convince cops that the 30-year-old has reported the truth. Her husband, in fact, told the cops that she might have staged this drama due to frustration over an outstanding loan.

Riddle: Vishrantwadi police are verifying the claims of the woman

A case was initially registered at Daund railway police station for kidnapping and later transferred to Vishrantwadi police station, The complainant, a housewife, was admitted to Sassoon Hospital by Daund railway police officials for a medical check-up. “Since she stated that she was unconscious after being given sedatives by the unknown persons, we have opted to conduct all medical tests on the woman,” said a policeman from Vishrantwadi police.

The woman in her complaint has stated that on the afternoon of April 19 (Saturday), a woman and two men came to her house in Vishrantwadi. They told her that her husband had met with an accident and been admitted to Ruby Hospital. “I immediately rushed to the hospital but my husband was not there. Then I went to Sassoon Hospital to check if he might be there, but the suspects again approached me there and offered to drop me home in their car,” she said in her complaint.
Spiked vada pav?

“But in the car, they gave me a vada pav spiked with sedatives and I lost consciousness. When I awoke again I was in a train on the Pune-Manmad railway. I got off the train at Daund station and called my husband and other relatives after a fellow passenger gave me a mobile handset,” she stated. The handset, she claimed, didn’t have a SIM card, so she used the one she herself had.

Police sub-inspector (PSI) SM Giri, the investigating officer, said, “We have recorded the statement of the woman and her husband. There are some discrepancies in what the complainant is claiming, and several questions remain unanswered.”
“Her husband, who works for a private firm, has said that they have an outstanding loan and his wife may have staged this drama out of frustration. We are verifying the facts and also analysing CCTV footage in Vishrantwadi area. The claim that she was given a mobile handset by a fellow woman passenger will also be verified. We are waiting for the report on the call details,” PSI Giri said.

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